Wiki Backlinks

Submitting your Tiered Backlinks to mass WIKI sites is a surefire way to get a boost of link juice flowing to your tiered pages and money page.

Every WIKI post we do will have 70% to 80%+ unique quality thereby not putting you in any suspect filters of the search engines.

Here’s what you get with every WIKI project –

  • Unique Articles for each post – Optional
  • Each WIKI post will have one keyword and URL of choice
  • Up to 100 URLs and 100 Keywords distributed equally across all the WIKI sites
  • All posts made with unique usernames so no footprint left behind
  • Full detailed report of all backlinks created
  • Drip feed option to do equal Daily Drips over 30 days
  • Insane amount of anchor link diversity and IP diversity

Quality and diversity is what you need to rank your site, and I will give you these links through Senuke. Senuke provides Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, Wiki Media, Forum Profiles, Web 2.0 Profiles, PDF Sites, RSS Feeds, WordPress, Press Releases & Article Directory sites★Good even after Penguin and Panda★Work on: YouTube Videos, Facebook pages, Twitter pages, niche sites, authority sites, sales pages, virtually any URL★I need 1-3 URL’s and up to 6 keywords. You can provide an article



  • Get Quality Backlinks



  • standard backlink package x 3 plus uses a 4 way link creation template, lots of power with extra safety

Other geographical areas and groups available, information required upon purchase – Contact us