Edu Backlinks


We’re almost all chasing the particular dream to achieve Top Ranking in Google. More publicity brings more conversion rates, right?

To become a successful internet mareketer you will have to end up with someone to help you. We at is all set to help individuals, be it beginners or experts to stimulate traffic to their websites by implementing valuable marketing techniques like EDU backlinks for receiving more exposure to their sites.

An “edu backlink” is simply a link from a public institution (University, High-School, etc) that points back to your page. These websites have a huge authority in real life but also in the search engines. Since authority is transferred in the same manner as Pagerank the more quality .edu’s, the better.

The process is 100% manual and after hundreds of test orders it resulted that it’s also 100% safe to be used on any type of website (not like other blog network posts, or mass comments).

Your URL will be inserted in the account / profile details, I’m registering a new account on 15 different domains, therefore they would be 100% unique with very low OBL (other external links) close to none.

Some are allowing anchors, others only plain url, same for dofollow / nofollow – my intention is not to create a pattern.

  • Decent delivery time
  • All URLs are pinged (you decide the period: 1 to 15 days)
  • It’s NOT intended for overnight ranking improvements
  • Excellent for your site’s SEO campaigns, also for Youtube SEO
  • Login details provided of all the profiles built

Other geographical areas and groups available, information required upon purchase – Contact us